Step 1

  1. Open the box in the indicated position.
  2. Separate the box protecting the legs.
  3. Then remove the guards without moving the table.

Step 2

  1. Unpack the legs and screw them to the tabletop.
  2. You will find the screws and assembly key in the box with the legs in.

Step 3

  1. Turn the table upside down (this requires two people).
  2. Remove the tape holding the lids in place.
  3. Remove the cooking trays with their stones from the sides and unpack them.

Step 4

  1. IMPORTANT: Before connecting to the mains, always remove the lids and store them at the sides.
  2. Then put the cooking trays with the stones in place, using the handles to help you.

Step 5

  1. The table is now ready to be connected to the mains using the cable included in the box.

Assembly Manual

Structure and components

Structure and components

Lids for regular use as a
table with cooking area
100% natural volcanic stone.
Easy cleaning and maintenance.
Digital, touch-sensitive and individual control
with potentiometer for each
stone on the tabletop.
Tabletop made from phenol,
ideal for outdoors.
Easy assembly.
Includes a stainless steel
tray underneath to store
the stone and accessories.
Metal structure with oven-lacquered
zinc alloy, which
guarantees optimum
weather resistance.
Lids for regular use as a
table with cooking area.
Removable legs
with height regulator.
The table is delivered with: Stones, cooking trays, power cable and screws with Allen key.
Calle la Rioja 6, Bajo. 31008 Pamplona (Navarra)