Innovative and unique, the Suiseki Table incorporates a cooking area on volcanic stone, creating a new gastronomic and social experience. A patented table, unique for its design, functional features and high quality finishes.

With an avant-garde and attractive line, and a modern digital cooking control system, the Suiseki Table has been created to offer a new way to enjoy gardens, terraces and patios. While diners enjoy chatting, they can cook food to their liking, in a healthy, clean and convenient way.

It’s time to get out and sit around a Suiseki Table to enjoy the best cuisine and, of course, good company.



  • Optimum cooking point of food to each person’s taste, personalising the gastronomic experience to the fullest.
  • Enhancing the flavour of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables thanks to the unique touch provided by the heat of the stone.

Your healthiest meals:

  • Almost oil-free, it maintains the properties and nutrients of the food without increasing its calorific value.
  • Preserves the purity of food, avoiding toxins and residues from combustion.



  • Modern and avant-garde line.
  • Materials and finishes of the highest quality,, perfect for outdoors.
  • Three models available,, for cooking on up to three stones simultaneously.
  • Possibility to choose the surface finish from among three options.
  • Trays and stones are hidden when not in use, creating a contemporary table that is perfect for multiple uses.
  • Smart cooking: technology that self-regulates the optimum temperature for cooking food.



  • New gastronomic experience, with maximum participation and interaction
  • Everyone enjoys the company, the conversation and the gastronomy, without having to leave to get the barbecue ready, keep an eye on the cooking or prepare dishes.
  • Each diner prepares the dish to their own taste, choosing the food and cooking it to their liking for maximum enjoyment.
  • Convenient and perfect for social gatherings, with ample space for diners and plates.
  • Very practical thanks to its speed and cleanliness. Plug it in and turn it on and, in just a few minutes, the stone is ready to cook on.
Calle la Rioja 6, Bajo. 31008 Pamplona (Navarra)
This company has received a grant from the Government of Navarre under the 2019 call for applications for grants to improve competitiveness.

This company has received a grant co-financed 50% by the European Regional Development Fund through the ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020 of Navarre.